Shenzhen Fujia Precision Electromechanical Co. Ltd

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Shenzhen Fujia Precision Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company that serves the development and production of automated AI(automatic plug-in machine) / SMT(mount machine) equipment in the industrial field, spare parts and their manufacturing. The company upholds the "professional, honest, and trustworthy" business philosophy and is committed to the manufacturing and production of PANASNIC(Panasonic) plug-in machine components, UNIVERSAL(Global) plug-in machine components, and VC-G plug-in machine accessories. Full range of products and services are provided in the area of maintenance and repair.Services items:1. AI plug-in machine spare parts supply.2. SMT spare parts. Suction mouth. Point glue mouth and other spare parts supply.3. AI / SMT Middle Ages machine sales and maintenance.4. All kinds of precision parts processing-treatment-clamping-support basin and other manufacturing and production

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