Xinxiang Bashan Aero Material Co., Ltd.

Main Business: Filter Element ,Welding Consumables ,Standard Test Sieve , Screener , Sieve Shaker ,stainless steel wire ,wire thread insert ,EDM brass wire...

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Xinxiang Bashan Aero Material Co.,Ltd, affiliated to China Aviation Industry Corporation(AVIC ),established on 1950s.Foucs on metal wire(stainless steel wire, nickel wire, copper wire, brass wire,etc),EDM brass wire,metal wire woven mesh, kniiting wire mesh,test sieve, vibrating machine and shaker,filter cartriage,sintered powder metal filter,dics filter and various element. Bashan company acquired 24 metal wire & mesh patents and took chief part of 19 standards, such as GB/T4240, GB/T5330, GB/T6003, GJB107, HB1862, etc. (GB/T, national standard; GJB national military defense standard; HB, aviation standard.

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